Dream Interpretation: Kissing Dream

The Dream

The kissing dream indicates a desire for passion, particularly a youthful, giddy passion.

A dream where you watch others kissing could indicate you are too involved in their lives, or know too much personal detail.

Dreaming of kissing someone of the same sex, if you are heterosexual, can indicate self-acceptance and an acknowledgement of your masculine or feminine side.

What The Kissing Dream Means

The dream interpretation of a kiss can most certainly indicate a sexual desire, but is more connected to the need for love, romance and affection generally.

Kissing is a universal symbol and act of love, affection, pleasure and partnership. The kiss dream may relate to your desire for one person in particular – particularly if they are in your dream – but means that you want more passion in your life generally.

Regardless of your age, dreams about kissing relate to the feelings you had during your first kiss. It is the youthful passion, the fluttering heart, the memory of the emotions and hormones that accompanied that first kiss which the dream is about.

The kiss dream is more about the emotions you seek than the physical act. If you are young, or yet to experience your first kiss, however, the dream could well relate to your desire for that first act of passion.

The precise meaning of the dream is determined by your relationship with the other person(s) in the dream.

Dreaming of kissing for the first time someone you are passionate about often means your feelings are genuine and that you are rehearsing the ideal scenario in your head.

The kissing dream which involves an ex can represent forgiveness and a desire to remember the positives of the relationship.

Dreaming of being kissed by a boss or someone in authority can indicate your acceptance of – and, sometimes, desire for – their power over you.

To dream of kissing a stranger indicates your awareness of the repressed side of you, one that perhaps you want to explore more. Being kissed by a stranger suggests you are on a journey of self-discovery.

Life Check

If you dream of kissing then what seems fairly certain is that you desire passion. If you are in a relationship, perhaps it needs an injection of romance to rekindle to help rekindle those first throes of love. If you are not in a relationship then the dream suggests you want one – or at least some physical intimacy.