Dream Interpretation: Gay Dreams

The Dream

You are a happy heterosexual, then you start having gay dreams. The lover or people in your dream are all into the same sex and in real life it might freak you out – but it’s a good dream.

It can be a little worrying, to say the least, to dream about homosexuality if you are straight. Does it mean you’re really gay? Do you have hidden urges you didn’t realize were there? Is there something wrong with you?


What Gay Dreams Mean

Gay dreams among straight people are common. If the dream is a positive one, it means you are well balanced, self-accepting and comfortable with your sexuality – if you’re gay, it means you’re happy being gay, if you’re straight, you’re happy being straight. It means nothing else.

Conversely, if you freak out in the dream, if the gay dream is more of a nightmare, then it suggests you have some fears or anxieties about your femininity or masculinity.

Gay dreams in and of themselves say nothing about your sexuality – you are the only person who knows whether you are gay or not. Your reaction to a dream involving homosexuality, on the other hand, says plenty about any hang ups you might have.

It’s possible a gay dream means you are insecure in your relationships with the opposite sex – and more comfortable around people of the same sex.

If you are a straight girl and dream about the guy you like being gay then it is likely pointing to your fears that he won’t like you back. The dream is preparing you for rejection.

Life Check

If you have a gay dream and it is a positive experience, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, more to the point, you are full of self-love and acceptance. Quit reading this and go live your life.

If a gay dream is less than positive, why? It suggests you’re hiding fears about your femininity. Are you a tomboy who wants to be more ladylike? Are you a girly-girl who is perhaps a little too obsessed with her beauty regime, to the extent that you are hiding your god-given natural beauty?

Are you a guy who feels overshadowed or inadequate next to better looking or bigger built men?

The dream is telling you there are some issues you need to work out, and they are probably to do with feelings of self worth.