Dream Interpretation: Dreams About Flying

The Dream

A few key facts about dreams about flying: They’re very positive dreams. Men are more likely than women to have them. What you’ll feel if you have this dream is a rush of positive emotion, a sense of freedom and happiness. Flying to us, holds positive connotations of freedom and expression and soaring to new heights, and you’ll be happy to hear that this dream denotes all that and more.

Dreams about flying, like most other dreams, will be personal to you. You may be flying using your arms or sitting on a magic carpet. You may be flying over sand dunes or fields of flowers or a volcano, and all those things will have different meanings and representations. But as long as you’re flying, you’re safe and happy. Enjoy this dream. It comes along every once in a while and it leaves you with a heady rush.

What Dreams About Flying Mean

Let’s talk about the positives in this dream first. If you have dreams about flying, you’re expressing a desire to be free, to be unencumbered, to find release from a situation. They represent your “rising above,” whether it’s a person, a situation, or a conflict. It might indicate that you’ve found a solution to a problem or a new perspective on how to handle things.

Flying gives you a sense of power and dreams about flying are indicative of that. It can mean that you’re about to get freedom from something. Perhaps your troubles, perhaps a bad relationship, perhaps a job or a life crisis. People also dream about flying when they discover and connect with their spiritual side and feel a release from the day-to-day of the world. Freud said that flying in your dream represented a release of sexual tension. If you’re suffering from depression or mental illness, a flying dream could potentially mean that the bad cloud is lifting.

Now for the bad. If you bump into things, you’re encountering obstacles you don’t know how to manage. And if you’re flying too high, above the mountains, above everything else, you may be too egotistical and need to bring it down a notch. If you’re unable to fly properly or keep losing control, it could signify a lack of confidence in your abilities or the inability to take bold decisions. Are you fearful of something in your life?

Are you deliberately trying to visit someone while you’re flying in your dream? Flying dreams fall into the category of lucid dreams, which are dreams that can sometimes be controlled by the person dreaming them. If you get flying dreams often, try envisioning where you’ll fly to in your dream and see if you can make that happen. That’s lucid dreaming.

Life Check

Dreams about flying are good dreams and they mean positive things for most people, but if your’e running into obstacles during this dream, it’s time to face your fears. The only thing standing between you and your freedom is, as the dream is trying to tell you, your fear or lack of confidence. So work on resolving those issues and soon you, too, will be flying in your dreams with reckless abandon.