Dream Interpretation: Dream of Ex-Boyfriend

The Dream

You are happy with life, perhaps starting a new relationship or moving your current relationship into a new phase, when suddenly the past comes flooding back with a dream of ex-boyfriend or husband related things.

What the hell is going on? Do you still have feelings for him? What does it mean?

What a Dream of Ex-Boyfriend Related Stuff Means

Unless you have recently ended the relationship, in which case the dream suggests you haven’t yet dealt with the baggage and moved on, dreaming of an ex-boyfriend is likely a warning.

Your subconscious mind is reminding you that certain patterns are repeating themselves. In most cases those patterns aren’t all good, or else it is unlikely the previous relationship would have ended.

So what is it that has triggered your mind to dredge up the past? The most obvious place to start is with your current relationship, if you’re in one.

Do you have a tendency to fall for the suave charmer, only for him to be unable to keep his suave, charming pants on in the company of other women? Do you tend to go for the sophisticated sort, the ones who feed your ego and protect you, only for them to end up being father figures rather than equal partners? Do you like a bit of rough and ready, except they’re too often out causing mayhem with their friends rather than submitting to your attempts to tame them?

Life Check

Whatever it is, if you are dreaming about an ex, it means a pattern of behavior is repeating itself. The dream is telling you to be careful. What was your ex like and is there someone similar in your life at the moment? What was it that made you fall for them – and what was it that drove you apart?

The clue is that this is a relationship dream, and you have most likely felt this way before. Perhaps it is time to learn from past mistakes.

You could, of course, flip this scenario on its head. Dreams resist easy definitions because so much of their meaning depends on the individual. Is the ex you’re dreaming of the one you should never have let go? Was he the perfect man at the wrong moment in your life? In which case, is it possible you’ve found Mr Right at the exact right time?