The context of the zoo dream is important because it can mean various things depending on who you’re with and what you’re doing at the zoo in the first place. If in your dream, you’re out with your kid to see the animals, you may just be expressing a desire to spend more time with your child. However, if you’re the one inside the cage, it’s a big fat sign from your subconscious that you’re feeling trapped and unacknowledged and that it’s time to start speaking up for yourself or making major life changes.

Note, too, which animals you’re looking at in the zoo, if there are any. Each animal denotes a unique part of your personality and your life situation, so take a look through our dream dictionary to see what those animals signify and see if you can put together the two to better determine the context of your dream.

In short, a zoo dream will typically come to signify one of three things: 1. You’re feeling trapped and caged in and need to find a way to express yourself or change your life circumstances. (Are you an artist stuck in a lawyer’s life?) 2. Is someone holding you back from all that you want to do and achieve, whether in your personal or professional life. Are you in a relationship with someone who supports your goals and dreams or someone who competes with your all the time? Are you able to do all you want to work or are certain coworkers standing in your way. 3. Are you experiencing a loss of freedom. Did you, say, have to move back in with your parents after a financial setback?

Zoo dreams aren’t easy to decipher because there are so many variables, but make a list of all the objects, animals, and people you saw in your dream, look through our website to see if you can find what they stand for or signify and then try and ascertain what they mean in the context of a confined space (the zoo).