The rain is a very positive dream symbol, signifying cleansing and nourishment and letting go of situations and problems that have been hounding you in your life. To put up an umbrella then, to protect yourself from it, can be indicative of your resistance to the solutions that are appearing to your problems. Perhaps you’re trying to protect yourself from other people or from having to take charge or taking actions that you don’t necessarily feel confident in. For whatever reason, the umbrella is a symbol that you’re putting up a barrier between you and the solution to your problems. You’re unable to accept the wisdom and the help that is coming your way.

What you need to do is simple. You need to put that umbrella away already. You’re emotionally shielding yourself from things, perhaps in the belief that they’re bad for you or can hurt you, but by sectioning yourself off from the bad, you’re also sectioning yourself off from the good.

If you close your umbrella in your dream or if you see a closed umbrella, you will receive solutions to your waking life problems very soon. If your umbrella is torn or broken, you’ll face some temporary difficulties.