A tornado, like most other natural disasters witnessed in dreams, often points towards emotional turmoil in the dreamer. It indicates a high level of powerful and often negative feelings. Are you experiencing rage or powerlessness or pain of any kind in your waking life? Perhaps you’ve been through an emotional upheaval recently and are suffering through its aftermath? The overpowering feelings you may be experiencing in your waking life may be to blame for the tornado you’re seeing in your dreams.

What can you do? The first thing would be to pinpoint what exactly it is that’s causing you grief. More importantly, airing your feelings and letting them out in the open is a great way to get them to lose their power over you. Talk to someone you trust– a family member, a friend, even a counselor.

The tornado leaves nothing but destruction in its path and the same can often be said of fierce and uncontrollable emotions that leave you powerless and vulnerable. But not all is bad about the tornado dream, because once the tornado has done its work and left a pile of rubble in its wake, there is peace, calm and a sense of renewal. Your dreaming about a tornado may be indicating to you that it’s time to clear away the rubble of the past, find your calm center, and start with a new beginning.