Dead Body

No matter how hard we try, it’s pretty difficult to put a positive spin on a dream about a dead body. Dreaming of a dead body doesn’t necessarily mean death, however, though it does represent facets of your own self that have “died,” that is, been ignored or phased out. For instance, let’s say you loved to dance and thought about it as a career option when you were a young girl. Now that you’re much older, have three college-aged kids and haven’t danced in years, you’ve allowed that dancer part of you to die out as life has gotten tougher and time a more precious commodity.

A dream about a dead body, some say, foretells bad luck and bad feelings, but we argue that it’s a transformation dream. You are unable to express a part of yourself that is important to you and the dead body in your dream is representative of that important part of your self that you have allowed to die.

What should you do it if you see a dead body in your dream? Well first, don’t freak out. Then take a long hard look at who you are and the person you’ve become as you’ve grown. Are you what you thought you’d become when you were a child? What did you have to give up in the process? What part of your happiness have you lost as a result of giving up a piece of yourself?

To see random dead bodies generally indicates feels of unease and insecurity in your life.