Just like that, years after you graduated, you’re back in the classroom. In your dreams, of course. Whether you graduated from school twenty years or just twenty days ago, the dream of sitting in a classroom remains a pretty common (and pretty disliked one). One of the most common dreams is that you’re sitting in a classroom and unprepared for a test, which has an entire meaning all of its own.

But if in your dream, you’re sitting in a classroom and learning things, it might be an indication that you’re ready to let more knowledge and education fill your life. It may be that you’re getting ready to open yourself up to more new experiences and insights and are eager to soak up knowledge about things that you haven’t been interested in in the past. The classroom dream is also an indication that you’re growing as a person.

If you’re looking for a classroom in your dream, it may signify that you’re seeking knowledge and truth. And if you’re teaching a class, that may be an indication that you’re ready to share your knowledge with the world.