Dream Interpretation: Bats in Dreams

The Dream

When you see bats in dream it is often scary, a consequence of vampire movies which have somewhat harmed the bat’s reputation. However, there is little to be alarmed about. Seeing bats in dreams is a sign that annoyances in your real life are affecting you, so it is time to make some changes.

Different bat dreams are believed to have different meanings, but in reality they are all telling you it is time to let go of old habits and be more positive.

What Bats in Dreams Mean

Bats in dreams signify rebirth. A dream about bats suggests you need to make changes to important relationships in your life – to refresh those relationships, for them to be reborn more positively. Native Americans use the bat as a symbol of intuition and vision. They invoke the spirit of a bat if they need to see clearly, or to help identify illusions or ambiguity.

In the modern world, the bat dream means you may be feeling unappreciated at home or work. You need to identify the problem, or who is causing the problem, and either get rid of the problem or change your relationship with it.

Bats usually represent hidden fears that you haven’t dealt with – often regarding people, but also to do with work and other important aspects of your life. Bats are believed to symbolize dirtiness, dishonesty and annoyances. The dream is telling you it is time to clean up messy areas of your life.

Life Check

To dream of a bat suggests you may have issues surrounding using your free will. The meaning of the dream is that you need to make changes to regain control of your life.

You need to let go of old habits or people holding you back, so that you may be reborn. The bat dream is a sign that it is time to put yourself first, be less sensitive to your environment and that you need to make changes to help you achieve your potential.

Don’t see the bat as scary. See it as a sign that it is time to improve your life.